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14 June, 03:47

Which two events are most directly responsible for major population migration's in the 1700s

The African slave trade and potato famine

the commercial revolution and Atlantic slave trade

The commercial revolution and price revolution

the columbian exchange and Atlantic slave trade

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  1. 14 June, 05:42
    The correct answer is D) the Columbian exchange and the Atlantic slave trade.

    The Columbian exchange and Atlantic slave trade are most directly responsible for major population migrations in 1700.

    The Columbian Exchange was Europe's trade with the world. It produced a global exchange of goods, people, goods, technology, and ideas. The trade transformed the life of ways people. European merchants brought to the continent grains and animals that modified the diets of many people in the new continent. The Indians learned how to use horses to hunt and get better food.

    WIth the Atlantic Slave Trade, people from Europe enslaved millions of Africans that were transported to the new continent to work in the farm fields. They planted and harvested in the Americas. In the mid-1500s, the Portuguese and the Spanish brought thousands of slaves from Africa to the Americas.
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