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12 September, 17:42

Why are people of Bolivia protesting against their government

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  1. 12 September, 17:55
    On October 21st, 2019, the presidential elections were held in Bolivia between the current president Evo Morales and the opposition's candidate, Carlos Mesa. Morales have been ruling the country for the last 14 years whilst Mesa is a former-president.

    During the elctoral count, Morales was heading with around 45% of the votes versus 38% of Mesa. Suddenly, the count was suspended which caused big concern among the opposition and the international community.

    After 24 hours, the count was resumed and showed a different mathematical tendency which was'n explained favoring Evo Morales and assuring his victory. Right after this information was published, all the followers of Carlos Mesa and critics of Morales statred riots to protest against Morales.

    The riots now have Bolivia in a critical situation as the protests and conflicts are ensuing.
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