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9 April, 00:42

which modern religion had it start in the Arabian peninsulawhich modern religion had it start in the Arabian peninsula

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  1. 9 April, 01:18


    The Arabian Peninsula is the birthplace of the second largest religion in the modern world, the Islam. It is a monotheistic religion, and it is directly connected with the Christianity and the Judaism, and those are its predecessors, and gave the base for it. The prophet Muhammad was the one that started of this religion, and he made lot of changes in it compared to the predecessor of the Islam, the Christianity, as he thought that the Christianity strides away from the basic teachings of God. He managed to gather large following very quickly, resulting in unification of the people of the Arabian Peninsula, creation of empire, and spreading out in a militaristic manner.
  2. 9 April, 02:16
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