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7 March, 23:55

What was the goal of the labor movement

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  1. 8 March, 01:46
    Answer: The goal of the labor movement is to improve the welfare of workers.


    The labor movement can be defined as the set of salaried people gathered to obtain better working conditions. The movement arises from the complaints presented by employees, where one of the first was how industrialization was robbing them of land by having machinery to do jobs that they could do. With the machinery occupying jobs, more people were unemployed, so it was convenient to destroy them.

    Over the years and a greater entry of industrialization into society, it not only brought a greater amount of machinery but also a greater amount of work hours, lost wages and denial of aid for issues related to illness or old age. These working conditions led to more employees from different parts of the group creating unions to defend their rights through protests.
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