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2 February, 21:35

What are characteristics of life in Sparta but not Athens?

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  1. 2 February, 22:51
    Life in Sparta was brutal punishments came here and there and young boys had to train for military at a young age. Teens could not talk without being talked to first and discipline was known well.
  2. 2 February, 23:22
    Sparta was unlike Athens (democracy) a monarchy ruled by two kings. They had two kings because as a militant nation, they would go to war often. One king would lead the troops into battle and the other would stay and lead the people. Women were more respected in Spartan society because they were the ones who would give birth to possible Spartan Warriors. Spartan boys would go off to training for war at the age of 7 (I believe it is seven but you may want to make sure) and then come back at 21. Sparta had a very powerful Army whereas Athens had a more powerful Navy.
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