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8 May, 03:20

What was the decision of the texans at the consultation of march 1836

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  1. 8 May, 03:28
    Texas Declaration of Independence


    On March 2, 1836 and after passing the Declaration of November 7, 1835 ended with the Texas Declaration of Independence.

    The Declaration of November 7, 1835 was intended to entice population's support on the part of the Texans regarding the cause from other Mexican states. During the Convention of 1836, Richard Ellis who was the president of the Convention declared altogether with a committee Texas Declaration of Independence.
  2. 8 May, 03:45
    Answer and Explanation:

    The Texans, who were represented by 59 delegates-with each delegate representing a settlement in Texas-decided in March 1836 to officially declare a free and independent Republic of Texas. To be specific, a free and independent Texas officially declared March 2, 1836, when the delegates approved that Texas be declared independent, and signed the original declaration which was first made into 5 copies, and dispatched.
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