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18 February, 11:49

What were the consequences of the Crusades

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  1. 18 February, 12:45
    Answer: Religious intolerance. Positive impact on the Western economy. Strengthening church standing. Broader worldviews.


    The crusades resulted in greater intolerance between Islam and Christianity. Both Muslims and Christians committed terrible crimes on behalf of their gods. The campaigns brought enormous divisions among religious communities and within Europe itself. Not infrequently, on their return to Europe, the Crusaders vented their anger at the Jews. On the way back from the East, the Crusaders brought in huge quantities of luxury goods. They traded with the same and gained enormous wealth. Italian cities, especially Venice, transported these goods and acquired enormous wealth. European peasants could participate in the wars, which suppressed the farming system in Europe. The Crusades strengthened the institution of the church and the pope. It was evident that on behalf of God, the pope could bring together European rulers and lead them to war. Still, most of these calendars were collecting military for economic gain, and faith was just an excuse. In contact with the Islamic world, two cultures collide. The East was then more advanced than the West. This has led to an increase in education in Europe and the creation of new universities. Efforts have been made to reach a higher civilization level in Europe. Some adventurer's touch with the modern world is a boost to travel. So it becomes more intense to get to know two different cultures.
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