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11 October, 12:43

How were the economies of the Inca Empire and ancient river valley civilizations such as Egypt and Phoenicia different?

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  1. 11 October, 13:51
    The main economic activity of the Phoenicians was trading. Due to commercial business, the Phoenicians developed maritime navigation techniques, becoming the largest navigators of the ancient period. In this way, they traded with large numbers of people and in various places in the Mediterranean, keeping secret the sea routes they discovered.

    The Phoenicians diverged from the Inca and Egyptian economy because they were based on collective work and adapted to every age. The foundation of the economy was agriculture. The state lands (in which in the Egyptian was nominated in the figure of its pharaoh) were cultivated by all the fields and the production was stored to support the nobility, the priests and the military. The surpluses were stored in warehouses installed throughout the whole empire and divided in times of need or times of calamity. Also, they used taxes to control the production of resources.
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