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24 December, 11:26

Darwin studied two different types of tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. Sort the characteristics based on which tortoise they describe. Curved shells elongated necks regular shells elevated vegetation short necks ground-level vegetation

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  1. 24 December, 12:03
    The tortoises that live in Galapagos have two shapes, different from each other as they had adapted those shapes according to the feeding habits. Wether if it is low and usually arid land or the higher, lusher areas. There is then two ways to sort these tortoises based on its characteristics:

    1) Type 1 characteristics : Curved shells elongated necks regular shells elevated vegetation. They are called the Saddle-back Tortoises. This type has shells that rise in front (like a saddle) which allows them to lift their heads high so they are able to eat plants that way the food is no longerlimited as they expand resources.

    1) Type 2 characteristics : Short necks ground-level vegetation. They are known as the Dome-shaped Tortoises. Those kind of tortoises live in areas where there is vegetation in abundance and close to the ground. They don't have long necks because they had not need raise their heads to feed.
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