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Who is prince bandar? 2. which company was involved in the arms deal between saudi arabia and britain? 3. what event changed the laws in the us about companies bribing officials? about how many companies confessed to engaging in bribery or actions like that? 4. how did the law change? what effect did the law have? 5. what did the anti-bribery treaty do? what effects did it have? 6. what did investigators realize about the bae money and the us? 7. how did the saudi arabians react to the investigation? what happened to the investigation?

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  1. 29 March, 10:50
    1. Prince Bandar is a politician hailing from Saudi Arabia. He was an important international politician as he served first as the Saudi Arabian ambassador in the United States and later he served in the United Nations Security Council as the secretary general. He was also a controversial figure for his suspected misconduct which included using the state money for personal use.

    2. That would be the BEA Systems at the time was known as British Aerospace before it was bought and merged with several different companies to form BEA Systems. BEA Systems is a massive company which specializes in aerospace and defense contracts that is based in London.

    3. The event in the US that changed the laws about the bribery occurred in 1970s and it is known as the Watergate scandal and it was a catalyst for many investigations about the conduct of the government officials and the companies. The investigation found that many companies bribed officials oversees. About 500 companies admitted to resorting to this kind of activities.

    4. The law changed because the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was passed in 1977. This act was a direct response to the practices of bribing foreign officials in order to gain advantage over the competition. The act especially forbade companies and their supervisors to engage in any kind of activity that would interfere and influence officials of foreign countries by giving them money or personal favors. This law hurt many companies that operated around the world and not just in the US. As always there are those who ignored the law.

    5. The anti-bribery act was being enforced in Britain and made the making of Bribes there illegal. Unfortunately, this is a hard act to enforce and many companies to this day are bribing officials in order to get business. The act only made them be more careful in order to avoid prosecution and not get caught.

    6. The investigators found that nearly 2 billion US dollars from the arms deal between the BEA Systems and the Saudi Arabia somehow disappeared and was later found to be in the US. The money was allegedly transferred to US and deposited on two different Saudi Arabian accounts that belong the their embassy in the US.

    7. Saudi Arabia reacted as you might have expected, that is poorly. They were not cooperative at all and they on some accounts threatened the investigators and also threatened to stop cooperating fully. The investigation found that the expenses were filed as "support services" as the investigation came to a halt. Whether the payments were legal is still a matter of debate as it depends on certain timelines and whether they continued after bribing of officials was made illegal.
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