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19 April, 00:16

Which of the following is the best example of technology?

A. The mechanical equipment used to produce something

B. The increasing speed of communication

c. The education required for a modern job

D. The trade of goods between different regions

Answers (2)
  1. 19 April, 00:54
    the medical equipment used to produce something
  2. 19 April, 01:41
    Option A, The mechanical equipment used to produce something


    The development of the application of scientific research to practical use is an example of astronomy, ships, mobile phones, electric lights, and automobiles.

    In the world of telecommunications, which is widely known in engineering, machine, the internet and mobile phones are examples. Many examples involve microwaves, Cd players, and iPods, audio and video remote controls.

    (The digital data storage, use and sharing of information technology)

    In principle, advertising is always better than ever before. Even with a strong concept, sometimes it proves difficult to outline the implementation.
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