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23 August, 15:10

What characteristics of government describes Athens, not Sparta?

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  1. 23 August, 15:51
    Your answer would be All citizens could debate any issue. Athens and Sparta were the main empire's that influenced Ancient Greece. In Athens, the government focused on citizenship and education, while Sparta's government focused mainly on their military and ways they can make it stronger. Athens used a system, which is now called "democracy" and is considered being the birthplace of it. Democracy let's all the citizens in the empire vote for who they want as a ruler. They wanted all the citizens to have a chance to have control of what happens in the government, and give the citizens some power. They also allowed them to get their input on what's going on in the empire, and let them share their thoughts on certain issues. This took place in a big open auditorium. In the other hand, Sparta had two kings that ruled everyone, including the government. The citizens of Athens influenced the use of democracy and kept that system, but Sparta was not a democracy.
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