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Which regions are most associated with country music

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    Mississippi - Perhaps more notably know for Blues, Mississippi Is a hot-bed for country music activity. Other than being mentioned in multiple songs; Mississippi is the birthplace of many country music stars like, Faith Hill and Johnny Carver.

    Arkansas - An influential country music state. It's not difficult to find country music concerts / festivals within the state.

    Missouri - A long history with country music Missouri is definitely a country music state. The city of Branson is famous for having many country music-themed shows and attractions.

    Tennessee - Home to Nashville (the country music capital) and of course, the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    Kentucky - Most known for horse racing and a subgenre of country music (bluegrass), Kentucky has made quite an impact on country music. In fact, Kentucky has been the inspiration for many country music songs.

    Oklahoma - Such stars as Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks were born and raised here. Besides the southern/country culture, there are large country music festivals held throughout the year.

    Texas - Country Music is a way of life in Texas. There are more country music concerts, nightclubs, and small town shows performed in Texas than Tennessee.
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