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19 April, 12:58

In a totalitarian regime, what is likely to result among the working and lower classes?




government aid





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  1. 19 April, 14:12
    The correct answer is letter A

    Totalitarianism was a political regime that emerged and disappeared in European countries in the 20th century. Totalitarian regimes have in common total control of public and private life. In order to maintain themselves, the countries that adopted totalitarianism elected totalitarian leaders, who centralized the various figures of power and the State's action in themselves, in addition to investing heavily in propaganda and electing potential enemies, which became the greatest internal justification for for totalitarianism to work.

    Three major and major examples of totalitarianism in 20th century:

    Nazism, by Hitler, fascism, by Mussolini, and Stalinism, in the Soviet Union. However, the authoritarian dictatorships of Franco (Spain) and Salazar (Portugal) can be considered totalitarian, in addition to being inspired by Benito Mussolini's Italian fascism.
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