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9 December, 12:38

Which three statements are true of the Apache people

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  1. 9 December, 13:27
    Answer: They migrated into Western Oklahoma, they eventually became allies with the Wichita, and lastly they spoke a form of Athabaskan language
  2. 9 December, 13:43
    The United States territories comprises of different tribal system, as these tribal system still exists in the region. While, having a unique identity and more over consists of a very structured form of lifestyles and dress codes.

    While, the state of Oklahoma is consisted of the Apache's tribe, as there are people are enriched with the ancient norms and has a very different way of economic situations or position inside the market place. As, the Apache people are not so into the industrial form of developments, while they were heavily influenced by the ancient norms and history of the tribal systems.
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