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25 August, 09:05

What purchasing method does this ad suggest that 1920s buyers use?

A) Buyers should use cash.

B) Buyers should use checks.

C) Buyers should use stocks.

D) Buyers should use credit.

(not C)

Answers (2)
  1. 25 August, 09:10
    I believe the answer is D. buyers should use credit

    The period of 1920s is a time that historians would identify as 'the 1920s Credit Buble'. This period where most people are enticed to use DEbt as a method to pay for the goods/services eventually led to the stock market crash that caused the Great depression where average products price fall to almost 40%.
  2. 25 August, 09:47
    D) Buyers should use credit.

    (I could be wrong)
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