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13 December, 05:40

Give me the figures in the struggle of nationalism indonesia!

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  1. 13 December, 06:35
    The revolutionary movements in various colonial and semi-colonial countries, which appear in different forms but which all have a profoundly anti-imperialist character, have caught the attention of the whole world.

    From Morocco to Korea they have made themselves known to a greater or lesser extent and they are of a great concern to the capitalist governments, which realise that the capitalist development in these large and quite often densely populated countries is of utmost importance for maintaining the capitalist system.

    As world imperialism has developed capitalism further in these areas, the masses of workers and peasants hit by capitalist penetration play a bigger role. For a long time the revolutionary nationalist movement in China had a mainly military character, such as the revolt of the Riff-inhabitants [2], which at present under Abd-el-Krim manifests itself mainly as military resistance. As in China the capitalist system penetrated deeper, thus developing a significant industry in several areas in this large country, the proletarians of these industrial areas have grown in significance in the struggle against the imperialism of various countries. In Indonesia a massive peasants’ and workers’ movement developed even before the World War.
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