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5 April, 08:51

Is women and men raised for toughness a characteristic of Athens, Sparta, or both? A. Athens B. Sparta C. Athens and Sparta.

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  1. 5 April, 08:58
    Look, I' m from Greece and I live there too. So we study about our history. As far as your question I want you to know that I think that the right answer is B) Sparta

    On the one hand in Sparta both women and men were considered to be important. Men were going in a camp since they were 7 years old. Women were only in Sparta highly regarded. They were thought to be holy because they bore strong boys who one day became soldiers. On the other hand in Athens women had got no rights. They were unimportant and they spent their lifes only in homes.
  2. 5 April, 10:40
    I would go with Sparta (C), as women in Athens were not particularly respected and not allowed to do much else than housework.
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