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7 June, 21:45

Which son of poor Scottish immigrants became one of the richest men in America as a steel tycoon?

A. Henry Bessemer

B. John D. Rockefeller

C. Andrew Carnegie

D. J. P. Morgan

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  1. 7 June, 23:43
    The correct answer to this question is "C. Andrew Carnegie". Carnegie was born in a poor region in Scotland in 1835. It was quite a typical shared weaver cottage with only one single room. In 1848, he and his family moved to Allegheny, Pennsylvania where Carnegie would soon become one of the biggest steel tycoons in America. In 1849, he became a worker in the telegraph company where he would barely get $3 a week; however, he quickly acquired experience needed, and in just ten years became a superintendent of the Pennsylvania railroad company where he would later grasp more knowledge regarding steelworks.
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