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23 August, 05:39

Policy is discussed by the realm, or broad subject matter around which policy centers. Think about economic policy, social policy, and foreign policy. Which of these realms is most important for the national government? Explain why this realm is more important than the other two. Provide evidence to support your explanation. I have no idea what this is asking me.

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  1. 23 August, 05:53
    Economic policy is the management of the economy - jobs, taxes, business development, etc.

    Foreign policy is the management of our relationships with other countries.

    Social policy is the management of our social systems - education, public assistance programs, civil rights, etc.

    They are all equally important and it is impossible to rank them.

    Which is more important to your life - your lungs, your heart, or your brain?

    It's a stupid question and you can tell your teacher I said so.

    It's like asking which of the Beatles is most important.

    It can't be done.
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