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12 June, 11:26

Which of these household purchases will be counted as part of consumption in a country's gross domestic product? A) a newly constructed home B) a new car for personal use C) shares of a company's stock D) a government-issued savings bond

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  1. 12 June, 11:54
    D) a government-issued savings bond
  2. 12 June, 13:14
    A newly constructed home (A)


    A country's gross domestic product is the market value of all finished goods and service produced domestically within a country in a specific period.

    A newly constructed home is a finished product that is been constructed in a country and its market value will add to the country's gross domestic product since is is domestically produced and it is also a finished product and not a used or intermediate product that is to be used to produce another product The household purchase of a new car for personal use might not contribute to the gross domestic product of the country because the car might not have been produced locally.
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