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15 August, 01:13

Why did parliament invite william and mary to rule england in 1689?

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  1. 15 August, 01:33
    In the background of this proposal was the opposition of the Protestant sectors to Jacobo's will to establish Catholicism as the official religion of the kingdom and his intention to deepen the absolutist character of his reign.

    Finally, Guillermo accepted and, after long preparations, the invading fleet left Hellevoetsluis in October, landing in England at the beginning of November. The defections in the realistic side and the majority popular support led to the rapid victory of Guillermo, who was proclaimed king in February 1689, after having agreed to swear and respect the Bill of Rights, which limited the powers of the royal power and subject him to Parliament's decisions, thus beginning the first constitutional monarchy in history.
  2. 15 August, 01:38
    Parliament invited William so that he could take action against King James following the Glorious Revolution. William arrived in England with an army to depose him. James fled the country, abdicated, and Mary was invited to take the throne. Mary and William ruled jointly
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