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2 February, 04:53

Analyze the tone of the short "in another country" which specific words influence the tone of the story? How does the tone impact your overall understanding of the text?

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  1. 2 February, 05:51
    Analyze the tone of the short story "In Another Country." ... So, there is a dark tone to the opening paragraph but Hemingway adds some pleasantness and this perhaps symbolizes the narrator's relief of being away from battle: Then the electric lights came on, and it was pleasant along the streets looking in the windows.
  2. 2 February, 06:17
    The tone of "In Another Country" is sanguine, or hopeful. The speaker of the story feels rather optimistic, despite all the pain and suffering around him. Even during the war, the speaker notices the electric lights that come on along the streets in winter as well as the snow on the foxes' fur as the wind blows their tails. He also remarks that the hospital, a place filled with pain and injured people, is old and beautiful. When the speaker sees the major's hand, he thinks it looks like a baby's hand. These appreciative reflections during a war suggest that the speaker is hopeful. The speaker's tone, then, lets readers see the war in a less gruesome light.


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