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22 December, 19:57

What was the policy of the united states, to stop the spread of communism during the cold war?

A. Truman Doctrine

B. Containment

C. Marshall Plan

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  1. 22 December, 20:17
    The correct answer is B. Containment


    The "Containment" was a policy promoted by the U. S. around the 1950s, the main purpose of this policy was to stop the influence of the Soviet Union and the communism ideology promoted by it. This policy emerged during the Cold war in which there was an indirect conflict between the U. S. and the Soviet Union. Moreover, the containment included different programs such as the Truman Doctrine to stop the influence of the Soviet Union in different countries, reduce the power of the Soviet Union, and in general reduce the spread of communism as this ideology was opposite from the capitalism defended by the U. S.
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