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25 January, 15:44

How did people like henry Grady envision the new south

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  1. 25 January, 17:43
    New South, New South Democracy or New South Creed is a phrase that hasbeen used intermittently since the American Civil War to describe the AmericanSouth, after 1877.

    The term " New South " is used in contrast to the Old South of the plantationsystem of the antebellum period.

    The original use of the term " New South " was an attempt to describe anindustrial and less slave reliant South.

    The industrial revolution of the North greatly influenced the " New South." Theantebellum South was largely agrarian and sought to preserve its culturalidentity in departing from the Union, which led to the irrepressible conflict.

    Richard H. Edmonds of the Baltimore Manufacturers Record was anotherstaunch advocate of New South industrialization.

    One way of envisioning the New South was the socialist Ruskin Colonies.

    The historian Paul Gaston coined the specific term " New South Creed " todescribe the hollow promises of white elites like Grady that industrializationwould bring prosperity to the region.
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