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23 August, 05:00

Explain how the increased availability of books affected the behavior of individuals and groups

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  1. 23 August, 06:08
    The fact that books became more easily available after the invention of the printing press had enormous implications for the history of the Western world. The increased availability of books meant that people were more likely to learn how to read and write. This pushed literacy rates up. Another consequence was the fact that authors were able to become more famous and their works could reach a much larger audience. Moreover, individuals were more eager to learn about these intellectuals. With the increased availability of books, moreover, knowledge became more widespread and accessible. This motivated inventors, scientists, philosophers and other groups of thinkers to learn about the past and to develop new theories about the world.
  2. 23 August, 06:17
    Answer: The literacy rate has gone up (more people are able to read)
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