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23 August, 01:02

Inasmuch as this country so far as I have been able to examine and form an opinion bears a striking resemblance to Spain, as well in the fertility of the soil, as in its extent, and the coolness of its climate, and in many other respects, it seemed to me that the most suitable name that could be given to it was NEW SPAIN of the ocean-sea; and as this name was conferred upon it in the name of your Majesty, I humbly entreat your Highness to confirm and direct that it shall be so called. Based on the passage, what does Cortés want the king of Spain to do?

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  1. 23 August, 01:22
    Cortes describes the similar characteristics of the new land he "has discovered" (central america) and compares it to his homeland, Spain, finding them so similar, asks the king that these new lands that will be of the Spanish crown be called "New Spain" by the before mentioned.

    It can also be understood that he communicates the discovery of new lands, of which the king grants him titles of property and rights, so it can also be seen that he claims his share of what was agreed for the expedition.
  2. 23 August, 02:22
    This is talking about naming something that was found.
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