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5 February, 16:31

Roosevelt was spurred to initiate the Second New Deal in 1935 because the first had failed to pull the country out of the Depression. While the first New Deal had focused on economic recovery, the Second New Deal would focus on economic security. A. TrueB. False

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  1. 5 February, 17:02


    The second stage of New Deal programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt is called second new deal. The second stage lasted from 1935-1936.

    The main goals of the second new deal was improving use of national resources, security against unemployment, illness and old age, work relief program, slum clearance and redistribution of power in favour of labour unions, farmers, the old and poor.

    The most important programs of the second New Deal were National Labour Relations Act and Social security.
  2. 5 February, 17:20
    That answer is False


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