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23 August, 01:56

How did Sitting Bull feel about assimilation?

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  1. 23 August, 02:41
    He felt that the assimilation is bad in a way that the government place them in a small space with the freedom but it in the end, they will be removed from their homeland. He wanted their land to be free from the conquerors. This inspired many Native Americans to fight with him just to get their freedom back.
  2. 23 August, 03:12
    He believed that assimilation is bad and that it was just a way of the government to place them in enclosed spaces and give them the feeling of freedom while waiting to completely remove them from the land. He wanted for Native Americans to be free and to live how they lived before. There is even a story that he used a man in a pen to explain this by putting a man inside of a pen and closing it in with a buffalo inside and showing how everyone is looking at it and how dangerous it is inside. His legacy inspired many Native Americans to fight for their rights.
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