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7 June, 06:53

Baron de montesquieu was an enlightenment philosopher from

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  1. 7 June, 07:42
    He was born in France 1689
  2. 7 June, 08:15
    Baron de Montesquieu was an enlightenment philosopher from France.


    Charles-Louis de Secondat, simply known as Montesquieu, was born in France during the Enlightenment Age. This period was known for the influence of political philosophers and thinkers that paved the way for democracy and freedom. Baron de Montesquieu was a famous political philosopher that first introduced the idea of separation of powers (Legislative, Judicial, Legislative) to guarantee and more effectively propagate liberty. In his most famous work, The Spirit of Laws, he advocates for a new delineation of govenment and how this should work. This work greatly influenced many countries, especially the U. S. during the formulation of their constitution.
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