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Pros and cons of republic government

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    A republic is a form of government where the country is considered a public matter and all state bodies are elected for a fixed term and all citizens have personal and political rights. The most important characteristic of a form of government is the election of the head of state, whose function is not hereditary and there are no methods of delegation.


    - Republican government is a well-structured government where people elect representatives who will create laws and to act on their behalf.

    - Human rights are protected with Constitution and through the vote of people allowing them freedom, peace, and prosperity, as there is no supreme authority or king.

    - Government serves the interests of the country

    - Economic pursuits benefit the entire nation and people are able to have a good living standard


    - Corruption in governments: money can buy the influence of elected leaders

    - Requires too many people to make a decision

    - Representatives may distort people's' demands to suit their personal or political preferences
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