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9 November, 05:33

Complete the chart comparing and contrasting the different Native American tribes. Anasazi Algonkian Iroquois


Food source

Geographic area

End of civilization


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  1. 9 November, 06:00
    The Iroquois and Algonquin lived in the Northeast US and southeast Canada. The Anasazi lived in the Southwest US. The Iroquois and Anasazi lived a more sedentary lifestyle, while the Algonquin lived a more nomadic lifestyle. The Algonquin hunted and fished for food, while the Iroquois and Anasazi hunted, but also grew crops. Algonquin lived in wigwams (dome-shaped homes), Iroquois lived in long houses, and the Anasazi lived in Adobe style homes called pueblos. They all used what was available in nature for the creation of their homes. Algonquin society was patriarchal, Iroquois was matriarchal, and Anasazi was more matriarchal. The Algonquin and Iroquois were actually confederacies. They were actually different tribes of native americans that banded together in times of need.

    No one is sure how the Anaszi declined. Some believe that they were attacked by a more hostile group or groups of indians. Others believe that they exhausted the few natural resources that existed within their desert environment. The Algonquin and Iroquois societies still exist and thrive today. They are prominent in their ancestral lands and have played key roles within both US and Canadian governments to protect their land and interests.
  2. 9 November, 06:14
    Settlement; Large cliff dwellings / Tribal settlements of wigwams / Villages of longhouses

    Food source; Farming / Hunting and fishing as well as farming / Farming

    Geographic area; Southwest United States / New England through the Mid-Atlantic coast / Inland New England and Mid-Atlantic as well as Canada

    End of civilization; Unknown / Many conquered and died of illness due to European settlers. Many were also assimilated into Iroquois tribes / Some tribes still around today as independent entities. Others were disbanded by the Canadian and American governments.

    Artifacts; Baskets and pottery / Smaller hunting items, such as arrowheads, and cultural influences on settlers (such as farming corn, beans, and squash). / Government ideas influenced American government formation.
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