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12 October, 05:24

Beginning in 1992, the United States participated in Operation Restore Hope, a United Nations-sponsored effort to provide a safe zone for humanitarian workers in which country?

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  1. 12 October, 06:43
    "Over the last quarter of a century, Somalia has struggled with internal fighting and poor economic and social conditions for its people. Since decolonization there has been no real centralized authority in Somalia, and presently the country is divided into at least sixteen warring factions, based on clan alliances, which constantly change. In 1969 Mohammed Siad Barre became the leader of Somalia through a military coup. After a long and difficult regime, he, in turn, was overthrown in January of 1991 by a coalition of opposing clans, known as the United Somalia Congress. Soon after the revolution, the coalition divided into two groups, one led by Ali Mahdi and the other by Mohammed Farah Aidid. The resulting inter-clan warfare led to the destruction of the agriculture of Somalia, which then led to starvation for many of its people"

    Somalia is the answer.
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