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17 December, 01:33

For what purposes did Thomas Jefferson send Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory? What did he want them to accomplish?

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  1. 17 December, 02:08
    Answer: Establishing an American presence before Britain and the European states, as well as mapping the territory and finding the routes

    Explanation: Known as the expedition Lewis and Clark, sent by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803, with the aim of exploring the territory, and establishing an American presence, before Britain and other European countries. The expedition began in Pittsburgh, and was the first to pass through the western part of the United States. On that occasion, the mapping of the territory was carried out, with the marking of the routes on that part of the continent. In addition, the objectives were both scientific and economic, for example, exploration of flora and fauna, geographical research and the establishment of trade agreements with local Indians. The expedition was completed by returning to St. Louis, with all the necessary material, drawn maps and sketches.
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