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12 December, 21:14

Which is an example of a government monopoly in the United States?

a. the US Postal Service

b. the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

c. the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

d. the National Park Service

Answers (2)
  1. 12 December, 21:32
    The answer is A, US Postal Service.
  2. 12 December, 22:36
    A monopoly is a company that exists in an industry by itself. An example of a monopoly is the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) because it is the only agency in the US Government that enforces income tax. A non-monopoly is a company that competes against others in it's industry. Since the Nation Park Service, the US Postal Service, and the EPA are not the only agencies in their respective domains, they are not considered monopolies.
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