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22 April, 01:11

The right to privacy includes

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  1. 22 April, 01:30
    The right to privacy enables us to protect from unwanted interferences in our lives.


    The right to privacy is defined as our right to control what is happening around us, and to negotiate our identity and how we want to interact with the world.

    This right also protects us from unjustified use of power by the government, companies or any other actors in the world. This will allow us to be safe and protect our identity and belongings in our daily routines.
  2. 22 April, 01:31
    The right to privacy includes the right to be left alone. The right to privacy refers to the concept that one's personal information is protected from public scrutiny. U. S. Justice Louis Brandeis called it "the right to be left alone." ... The right to privacy most often is protected by statutory law.
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