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12 December, 18:54

Lawyers are interviewing potential jurors for a trial in which a police officer is accused of stealing evidence.

Which juror statement could show that a juror may not be able to treat the case fairly?

"I believe that stealing is always wrong, no matter what."

"I do not normally read newspapers or watch the news."

"My next-door neighbor is a police officer."

"I do not trust police officers to keep me safe."

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  1. 12 December, 19:00
    The right answer is I do not trust police officers to keep me safe.


    The laywers that are interviewing people tends to adapt different approach inorder to get the truth out of the person they are interviewing. In most cases, they tends to present a simple question that demands a yes or no which on the long run will expose the views of the person they are cross-examing.

    In the case of the jurors being interviewed, the statment "I do not trust police officers to keep me safe" shows that there is an already pre-existing biases by the jurors which would definetly affect the fairness on which the trail is based on.
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