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19 July, 05:09

What problems in the church contributed to the protestant reformation? why was the church unable to suppress dissent as it had earlier?

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  1. 19 July, 06:57
    The following are the problems that contributed to the Protestant Reformation:

    Illiteracy of clergy

    Bible in German

    Great Schism/Babylonian Captivity


    Marsilius of Padua's book: Defender of the Peace: Attacked papal authority.

    Development of personal devotions and suspicion of clergy

    Greed of secular leaders for Church wealth: 1/3 of Europe was church land

    New postal system and the growth of cities

    Increased wealth and more traveling

    The church was unable to suppress dissent as it had earlier because Luther translated the Bible to German so people could read it and come up with their own views about it.
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