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19 February, 22:21

what was one major outcome of the non aggression pact between the soviet union and germany before world war 2

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  1. 19 February, 22:46
    On August 23, 1939 shortly before World War II in Europe (1939-1945) The Soviet Union and Germany signed the Nonaggression Pact, in which both countries agreed to take no military action against each other for 10 years.

    One major outcome of the Nonaggression Pact between the two countries is that it delayed Germany's invasion to the Union and gave the Soviet Union time to build up their military company. Later, Stalin would use a strengthen militia to fight back Germany which contributed to Hitler's defeat.

    The nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union also empowered Germany to invade Poland without the opposition of a major power, having to only tackle France and Britain.
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