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7 November, 04:53

Which of the following people is an example of a citizen?

Answers (2)
  1. 7 November, 05:07
    Answer: A person who was born in that country

    Explanation: If the person is born in there is a citizen and if the person have a card that represents him/her as a citizen is a citizen.
  2. 7 November, 05:09
    A. A resident of a city who regularly votes is the correct answer.


    The people who are entitled to enjoy all the privileges and legal rights granted by the state to the people of its constituency, the citizens are also obligated to obey the laws and fulfil their duties. A person living in a city enjoys all the rights and privileges and also obeys the laws hence he / she can be considered a citizen. A foreigner can also become US citizen by naturalisation after fulfilling all the requirements.
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