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8 November, 04:58

Kansas passes a statutes which says all corn must be grown and processed in a certain manner so as to avoid harmful pesticides. This statute is challenged as being unconstitutional. What are the two factors for the court to consider when deciding whether the statute is constitutional?

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  1. 8 November, 05:25
    A statute can be considered unconstitutional when it goes against the norms or laws established in the constitution of each country; Now, according to the established laws or norms established in the Kansas Constitution, the Supreme Court must determine to what extent it is feasible to modify any statute or approve a new one in order to promote a friendly ecosystem that does not affect the environment.


    Each country or nation is autonomous in terms of establishing laws, but in terms of the environment, the constitutions must tend to the care and protection of the environment; In this case, if Kansas presents evidence of the use and toxicity of the pesticides used in the processing of the corn crop and therefore a new statute must be implemented, the court must consider evaluating that statute as viable and appropriate, since it is for the either from consumers or citizens for the protection of soils, water and the environment.
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