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31 January, 20:36

What is one form of speech that is not protected by the U. S. Constitution? A. speech about religion B. political speech about a candidate C. speech protesting the government D. speech that is slanderous

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  1. 31 January, 20:50
    D) Speech that is slanderous is not protected by the U. S. Constitution.


    Slander is described as speech that is meant to tarnish someone's reputation or attack their good name. Slander forms one of the three categories of defamation with the other two including libel and defamation. The first amendment doesn't protect slander.

    A case against defamation is strictly scrutinized since there is no clear quantifier to qualify speech as defamation or not. Some factors to consider in a defamation case checks the public stance of the injured party; whether the person is public or private figure and the context is also taken into consideration.
  2. 31 January, 21:35


    speech that is slanderous

    slanderous is a false or malicious statement you can't be arrested for it but you can be sued and have to pay a fine for it
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