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23 December, 22:45

Two high-speed ferries leave at the same time from a city to go to the same island. The first ferry, the Cat, travels at 30 miles per hour. The second ferry, the Bird, travels at 23 miles per hour. In how many hours will the two ferries be 14 miles apart?

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  1. 23 December, 22:51
    If you know the miles per hour it should be easy. You would make a table showing each hours. So knowing that each hour one move 30 miles and the other 23. So at 2 hours one should be 60 miles out and the other 46 miles out. Now with those two numbers subtract them and you'll end up with 14 miles difference which gives you your answer. In 2 hours they will be 14 miles apart. Each hour keep adding the original number. Ex: 1 hour 30 miles, 2 hours 60 miles, 3 hours 90 miles, etc.
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