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18 July, 18:57

Ebony kept her bank account open for only 3 weeks, and the graph shows the entire 3 weeks. During that time, her greatest balance was 400$. 1. Give the domain and range of the function 2. Give an estimate to the nearest hundreds for B (0) means in context of the situation 3. Ebonys bank balance first reached $0 on Day 12. How would you show that information in function notation? Ebony's bank balance remained $0 from Day 12 through Day 15. As you count segments from the left which segment on the graph 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 represents that information explain how you know

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  1. 18 July, 20:23
    1) The domain is the set of values for which the function is defined (the x-axis). Here it is the number of days in the three weeks, i. e 21 days: Domain = the interval [0, 21]

    2) B (0) is the value of the function at x = 0, i. e. the balance at the day 0 (the very start). As per the graph, this value seems to be approximately half the maximum value: $400/2 = 200.

    3) Function notation is B (x), making x = 12 for this case: B (12) = 0, i. e. when the independent variable (days) is 12, the dependent variable (balance is 0).

    4) The fourth segment.

    The first segments represent when the balance increased from day 1 until balance reached the maximum; the second segment the days when the balances remained at the maximum level, the third segment the days when the balance decreased to zero and the fourth segment the days when the balanced remained zero.
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