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20 July, 11:27

11. A pizza place charges $5 for the pizza and $0.85 for each topping. Let C, represent the cost of the pizza. What does the y-intercept represent in the context of this scenario?

12. Emanhi has at most $14 to spend at the fall festival. It cost $5 to get in the festival and $0.75 for each ride, r. Write the inequality that represents the amount of money Emanhi can spend at the festival.

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  1. 20 July, 12:52
    11.) Since the standard coord. equation is "mx+b"

    And since the "+b" portion is your y-intercept.

    Your y-intercept would be the $0.85 "for each topping"

    12.) Your equation needed is ...

    .75x+5 ≤ 14

    x=12, meaning that she alone cannot ride more than 12 rides
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