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21 July, 06:31

Winter ate one slice of pie. Fall ate two slices. If there were initially 12 slices and all the slices are the same size, what fraction of the pie is remaining?

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  1. 21 July, 06:43
    9/12, or 3/4 if you simply the answer
  2. 21 July, 07:02
    Hi there,

    let a be the remaining slices

    so that a+1+2=12

    1: slice eaten by Winter

    2: slice eaten by Fall

    both ate 3 slices

    and we have a total of 12 slices

    so the result should be 12-3=9 slices remaining

    with algebra with have a+3=12

    subtract 3 from both sides



    Hence 9 slices left
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