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14 December, 15:12

Find the surface area of a rectangle prism

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  1. 14 December, 16:57
    Surface area

    it is 6 rectangles

    rectangle area=legnth times width

    but yo have legnth width and height

    how does we do this?


    recognize that the rectanles come in pairs

    rectanels that are oposite each other have equal areas

    so we have

    top=bottom=legnth times width

    front face=back face=legnth times height

    R side face and L side face=width times height

    since there are 2 of each

    SA=2 (LW) + 2 (LH) + 2 (WH)

    undistribute 2

    SA=2 (LW+LH+WH)


    (note: L=legnth, W=width, H=height)

    and give your answer in square units
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