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30 January, 10:17

If pq = 23 and up=1/23 fund the value of u*q*v*p. Explain which properties you used.

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  1. 30 January, 11:40
    Given that pq=23 and up=1/23

    But question is asking to calculate value of u*q*v*p. which doesn't contains variable "p"

    So it seems that you mistyped the equation up=1/23

    it should be uv=1/23

    Now i will show you how to evalueate u*q*v*p

    In given equation pq=23, p and q are together so first we need to rearrange the letters


    = u*v*q*p {commutative property of multiplication}

    = u*v*p*q {commutative property of multiplication}

    = (uv) * (pq) {applied parenthesis just for easiness}

    Now plug the given values

    = (23) * (1/23) {multiplication}

    = 23/23 {division}

    = 1

    Hence final answer is 1.
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