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26 December, 04:07

The following figure is a Cube. Find the missing values.

Volume = 512 ft^3

Find the surface area

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  1. 26 December, 04:54
    384 ft²

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Alrighty! The volume of a cube is V = a³. The equation for the surface area of a cube is 6a². The key number here will come with finding what a is. Here, we are already given the volume: 512 ft³. By working backwards a little we can solve for the variable a using the volume.

    Volume = a³

    512 = a³

    Here we need to isolate the variable a in order to solve for it. In order to do this we must figure out a way to move the cube³ over. We can do this by cube rooting 512!

    512 = a³

    ∛512 = a

    The cubed root of 512 = 8 thus:

    8 = a

    Now we that we have solved for the variable a, we can plug this into our equation for the surface area of a cube.

    SA = 6a²

    a = 8

    SA = 6 (8) ²

    Solving exponents comes first naturally. 8² = 64

    SA = 6 (64)

    SA = 384

    Ta-da! Your surface area is 384 ft².
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