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9 June, 23:12

7s + 5 for s = 3 evaluate the expression

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  1. 9 June, 23:18
    Answer: 26

    Step-by-step explanation: Here, we have the expression 7s + 5 and we want to evaluate the expression when s is equal to 3.

    To evaluate an expression, we simply plug the value

    of the variable into the expression and solve.

    So here, since s is equal to 3,

    we have 7 (3) + 5.

    Notice that I used parentheses around the 3. It's always a good idea to use parentheses when substituting/plugging in numbers for variables.

    Solving from here, 7 (3) is equal to 21.

    So we have 21 + 5 which is equal to 26.

    So the value of our expression

    when s is equal to 3 is 26.
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